Thursday, January 23, 2014

#TBT College Program Edition

I'm soaking up the last few days of my vacation here, spending lots of time watching TV, crocheting randomness, and cleaning/organizing the boxes I still haven't unpacked (we moved in Sept. Oops?)

A very darling friend of mine is getting ready to head East for his Walt Disney World College Program and I am SO excited for him! My program was absolutely fantastic and I just know he will have a wonderful time too. Since it's Thursday, here's a little throwback from my CP days back in Spring of 2003:

Meredith, thank you for this adorable frame!

Buzz is a blast if you don't spend too much time with him

The graduates

St. Patty's day, probably at Bennigans

We were so bad...

Our pretty pretty princess

He makes me look small, I like it

We were those people, asking for photos with random children

Aside from the wonderful friends and treasured memories, my college program also showed me that the job I had dreamed of as a little girl really was as magical as I had imagined and I ended up going back to FL not long after for 8 years. 

Thanks friends for the fun and laughter, I'll never drink OJ + Vanilla vodka without thinking of you!