Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Stella Update

For any of you who don't see my Facebook posts, I thought I'd update a bit about Stella. She has been in the hospital since last Thursday with some sort of infection in her liver and gallbladder as well as esophageal problems. Because I'm still edgy and stressed and don't feel like making myself cry againsomemore, I'm going to be super lazy and just cut and paste from Facebook. Please don't be offended, I'll get back to real blogs once she starts recovering and I can think about things without losing it...

April 30: Stella is back in the hospital today. Blood work indicated possible liver damage so she will have an ultrasound tomorrow morning. Since she hasn't been able to keep down much food or water the past few days, she's staying there overnight on IV fluids. Your positive thoughts are deeply appreciated and if you've got any extra cash laying around I'd be happy to take that off your hands!

May 2: Stella is being transferred to an emergency clinic today as her condition is not improving. 

May 3: Yesterday Stella was transferred to the emergency clinic. She will be seen by the internist early Monday morning and in the meantime they're keeping her comfortable and hydrated. This morning they called to update me on her overnight progress - while they were sure to let me know she isn't dramatically improved, they were very pleased with her demeanor this morning and that she had been able to keep some food down finally!

May 4: Stella met with the Internal Medicine Specialist today and had another ultrasound performed. It looks like she may have two infections - one in her gallbladder and one in her kidney - and the doctors are unsure as of now whether or not the infections are related or not. We're waiting on results from blood work and urine cultures and hopefully will know soon just what has infected this poor pup.

Meanwhile, Stella is brave and strong and everyone at the clinic assures me she is being her usual well-behaved and sweet self! 

May 6: Stella is going in for a gallbladder removal now and will have a feeding tube inserted as well. Your prayers and positivity are very much appreciated as we wait for news from the surgeon!! Update: The surgery went well and she is resting comfortably. Fingers and toes crossed she is finally on her way to recovery.

If you are able to help, any donations you can make would really mean the world - #SaveStella! So far her bill is at $9500 and that's not including the almost $8000 we already spent on her knees. And if you would help me spread the word to your friends and family it would be so deeply appreciated!!