Sunday, May 11, 2014

Almost Summer

Summer is almost here!! I have one last week of regular classes and then finals and then I am free for three glorious months! And because the finals gods love me, my classes are actually split with the two easiest ones having our last quiz (but no final) next week, leaving me with only my two harder classes to worry about in finals weeks. This is great because, although I don't usually stress about tests, my physiology grade is right on the cusp and so I really need to buckle down.

I'm also working on writing a proposal for a special major. Those of you who read my last entry know that I've been stressing over this for a while. I finally decided to write a major in dance kinesiology (or kinesiology of dance, I haven't named it yet) since it looks like grad school is inevitable anyway. I'm pretty excited about it because this is giving me the opportunity to mix two things I'm really passionate about, I just hope that I can write my proposal in such a way that gets the various Deans on board.

And lately, I've gotten totally sucked in to YouTube. I'm borderline obsessed with watching makeup how-to videos and subscription unboxings. I recently subscribed to another beauty box and I'm thinking I might do a video for you guys when it arrives, just for the hell of it! I've also been watching Hipster Shore by familysandwich which I discovered via the Adult Wednesday Addams series. You should check them both out because they're hilarious!

Hipster Shore Promo

Adult Wednesday Addams - Ep 1

Hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Mother's Day! And to any of you who are also gearing up for finals, may the odds be ever in your favor!